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*Raise a Paddle: Teachers Fund 2024/2025
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Support our Teachers and Staff by helping to fund a new mini/maxi grant fund dedicated to field trips and classroom supplies. Let's fill the gap that OUSD leaves that our awesome teachers deserve! 

*Raise a Paddle: Auditorium Seats
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Oakland Tech has an AMAZING Theater Department.  Having a performance space that matches our students talents is why parents have rallied together and raised nearly $1M to update the Auditorium over the last 20 years with state-of-the-art sound, lighting, etc. The renovation is NEARLY complete, with one exception. One of the last pieces of the project is to replace the remaining broken and beat-up 1960s theater seats in our otherwise impressive facility.

Not only will replacement of these seats create comfort for theater goers, but for all the students during assemblies, dance performances, you name it. Finishing this final project in the auditorium will also remind all people who visit or perform at Oakland Tech that the Arts (and all our students!) are an important part of our school. Please donate what you can!